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My Works

"There's More to Namibia than Angelina Jolie"

"A male ostrich -- eight feet tall and wide as a Hummer -- galumphs in front of our van as we shudder over a hardpan track in the ancient Namib desert. "You don't want to hit one of those mother-roonies," shouts our driver, swearing in German.
Ostrich sightings are just one of the hallucinatory joys of travel in Namibia. At a distance, they look like thatched huts floating on spindle sticks. When accelerating to a lope, they are escapees from Jurassic Park. During my stay, no sights or howls or sagey smells are repeated to reinforce reality. I see a lagoon of flamingos from Out of Africa. I see grizzled colonials from The English Patient. I expect my passport to be stamped Dream State.
And I have no urge to wake up.
Even when I am bit by a meerkat--well, actually, a meerkitten, a youngster the color of toast. He appears, chasing his tail, and seems startled to find a gaggle of humans sprawling in camp chairs, enjoying a bush lunch in the shade of a thorn tree. I say hello, lowering my hand and smiling, until I see pinpricks of blood. The only alcohol in sight is a German beer, so I dip a napkin and press tight.
"T.I.A.," our guide, James McKenzie , says pleasantly, which is especially nice since it is his beer. " This Is Africa."
-- San Diego Magazine, Oct. 2008

Dr. Seuss & Mr. Geisel
(New York: Random House, 1995; Da Capo Press, 2000)

“This engaging biography…is neatly woven with little-known facts, obscure Seuss doggerel not intended for children and such tragic articles as [his first wife’s] suicide note.”
--The Los Angeles Times

“This witty and charming biography…maintains suspense as the authors unfold the facts of his life and art. It is full of wry Seussian limericks and interesting anecdotes.”
--Library Journal

(Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co., Portland, OR 1989)

“Morgan, with her finely-honed talent as a reporter and her wit and grace with the language, is a charming tour guide as we cross-cross this fabulous state.”
--Walter Cronkite

“Despite the significance of that single word, 'California,' it is not too pretentious a title for this magnificent book... Judith Morgan's text enhances the photographs like incidental music; it sings."
--Jack Smith, Los Angeles Times

Roger, A Biography of Roger Revelle (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, 1996.)

“Gracefully written, illustrated with many photographs, the Morgans’ biography of Revelle summarizes the multifaceted career.…It is a valuable personal account of the life and activities of one of the giants of American science during the formative decades of twentieth-century marine science, public policy and education in the United States.
-- Dr. Eric Mills, Isis 88(4).

“A celebration of the public life of…a key player in the emergence of Scripps Institution of Oceanography as the premier oceanographic institution in the world; the chief creator of the University of California, San Diego, and a world leader in the growing relationship of science to the military, and of science to policy and public issues.“
-- Prof. Raymond Starr, The Journal of San Diego History.